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TOPIC: Signs of Spring


AIMS: To celebrate the coming of spring and vocabulary related to nature

           To talk about the weather and the plants, insects and animals we see on a daily basis

            To develop children’s speaking and observation skills

            To practise present and past tense when reflecting


ACTIVITY: This activity is especially useful to see how nature comes to life in this season. Children can identify the objects on their worksheet (if you can print it, if not look at it on their screen) then if possible under the circumstances go outside into your gardens or look at pictures on the internet to see what they can find.

 First get them to tick the weather boxes or point them out, then search for the plants and animals. As 

             time passes theyll be able to spot more and more signs of spring.

Ask your children what season it is and what they know about spring e.g green, rain, new plants, flowers insects and birds. What is the weather like today? if its cloudy and they cant see the sun, they can put a cross in the sunny and rainy boxes and tick the cloudy one.

             Talk about what they saw, was it sunny? was it windy? Did you see a bird/colour/size?



              Children will enjoy singing ' The leaves on the trees ' song



              Play the word game; Plants



              Play the word game:bugs and insects



              Print and colour a spring picture




              Plant seeds eg cress, radishes watch them grow

Learn about bugs and insects (talk about the role of insects in pollinating flowers to help them produce