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Year Two

Stretchy Slime 

We had fun experimenting with slime.


To make stretchy slime you will need: 

  • PVA Glue 
  • Bicarbonate of soda 
  • Food colouring 
  • Activator- We used eye contact solution that contains boric acid
  • Lolly stick for mixing 



1. First we mixed our PVA glue with bicarbonate of soda. 




We noticed the colour of our lolly stick was making the PVA glue change colours.



2. We then added some food colouring 



3. Next we added our activator. 




We watched the magic happen. 




Measuring Slime 


Using our great mathematician brains we measured how stretchy our slime was. 




Our hands turned blue!!!







Aliens on Planet Mars


We looked at the different planets in our solar system. 

We used our knowledge on ‘what you need to survive’ to help us create aliens to visit the planet Mars. 

We used play dough, pipe cleaners, straws and googly eyes to create our aliens.