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Home learning wc 23.03.20

Year One Learning – 24th – 27th March

Here is you learning for this week


Activity 1

LI: identify odd and even numbers

There is a simple powerpoint attached to help reinforce the concept of odd and even numbers. Please look through this if you are able to. You will then find some activities linked to this topic. If you have the capacity to print then please do use the sheets as they are. If you don’t then the sheets will give you an idea of what can be done with your child. Most of the activities can be replicated quite easily on to blank paper.

Please have a go at the Think about it questions on the last page of the powerpoint. I would love to see your answers.

Activity 2

LI: solve word problems involving addition and subtraction

Attached are some challenge cards to work through together. The children should read through the question (with support if needed) and identify the numbers involved. Discuss the language used in each problem and how it might give us clues as to whether you need to use addition or subtraction to reach the answer. Encourage the children to record the whole number sentence they need to do in order to find the answer.

14 + 5 =

Try challenging each other by making up some of your own!

Activity 3


  • You will all now have a login to the MyMaths website. On here, I have now set some homework linked to various number related activities. These include odd and even, counting forwards and backwards, counting in steps of 2, 5, 10 and some simple addition and subtraction challenges.
  • These homework activities can be accessed using the school login and then your own individual portal login.

You can also access MyMaths activities at any time using just the school login. There are lessons linked to many areas of Maths and the children can work on these independently or with your support.


Activity 1 - handwriting

LI: form letters correctly

We spend a lot of time practising and improving the formation of our letters.

Focus letters for this week – c, o, a, d, g

Practise each of these letters along one line in your books/on lined paper. Leave a finger space between each attempt at the letter.

Then do the same with the capital/upper case version of each letter – C, O, A, D, G

Next practise the letters alongside each other so that children continue to see the difference in the size of upper and lower case letters – cC, oO, aA, dD, gG

Encourage children to repeat any letters they are finding difficult.

These pictures may help:


Activity 2 – diaries

As some of you will know, we are keen for all children to keep a daily diary of things they are doing at home. You handwriting could form one of these daily writing tasks.

This week, please write something about a book you have read this week. Thinking about our work on sentences, I would like to see some information about the title, author and illustrator. Try to write at least 2/3 sentences about what happens in the book. Then also write at least 1/2 sentences about what you liked/disliked about the book.




Activity 3 – history research

We have been looking at the artist Pablo Picasso as part of our Spain topic work. I would like you to find out some more about him and his life. Work together to research and find out at least 5 facts about Pablo Picasso. Write them down in your diaries.

These might include when he was born/died, where he was born. You might find out about some of his famous paintings/art work. It might be information like first words, favourite colours or whether he had brothers or sisters.




As mentioned we have looked at, and created our own artistic interpretations of Picasso’s portrait work in school. I would like to see you identify one of Picasso’s own portraits and recreate it in your own way. You may choose to use colours/paints or collage materials to produce your own piece of Art.

Some examples of his work:







Remember to send any photos of your work back to our class email address by Friday 27th March.


Have fun everyone!