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Sports Premium



Over the last four years, the government has provided over £450 million Sports Premium funding to primary schools to help improve physical education and sport. The funding has been jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport, and has seen money going directly to primary school Headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.


The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in school.



Schools will spend the funding on improving the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of primary-aged pupils. The focus remains to help children to develop healthy lifestyle but the needs of each school will vary and therefore the government has given schools the freedom to decide how best to spend their funding.


As a staff at Priory Common, we recognise the contribution of PE and sport to the health and well being of our pupils. We believe it is an essential part of every child's development. We endeavour to provide high quality physical education and sporting opportunities for every child, equipping them to lead healthy, active lifestyles as well as providing the children with the necessary skills of good sportsmanship, to strive for excellence and be resilient in defeat. 


We want to raise the aspirations of every child regardless of ability, providing them with the determination and enthusiasm to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in future years.

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2019-2020


For the financial year 2019-2020 PE and Sports Premium funding allocation was used to promote improvements in PE and sport in primary schools.


The amount of PE and Sport Premium funding received to date is £7,108 therefore we anticipate the full amount being £14,216 for Priory Common School for 2019/2020.


Targeted Funding

In order to raise the attainment of the pupils in sport and PE and to engender healthier life styles our PE and Sport Premium allocation has focused on the following areas:


Employment of our own sports teaching assistant to deliver the PE curriculum to all pupils and to provide after school and holiday clubs. Approximately half of the Sports Premium has been used to fund this Teaching Assistant with the remainder of cost coming from the Support Staff Budget.


A second teaching assistant has been recruited who is also supporting PE and Sports during the holiday club and after school sports clubs when the numbers are high.  This member of staff is also working with our partner school in order to widen participation.


Extra-curricular PE and sports activities and resources.


Maintenance of the indoor and outdoor PE equipment and area including the marking of the field for sport’s day.


In addition to the targeted funding the school has further promoted PE and Sport through competitions and pupil participation in sport’s day.



A wider range of activities is offered during PE lessons including dance.

All Early Years pupils are engaged in PE lessons early in the Autumn Term.

After school clubs are now taking place on 5 evenings a week and there is an average of 15-20 pupils who attend these sessions.

PE equipment is in good order and enables the pupils to experience a wide range of activities.

Significantly more Early Years pupils now attend after school club.

All pupils received PE lessons delivered by trained sports coaches and/or skilled teachers.

The PE specialist is carrying out interventions with pupils who require the development of gross motor skills and for pupils who demonstrate challenging behaviour.

Our non-verbal children as part of their personalised curriculum, have designated time on the trampette to develop their co-ordination skills.

Every lunch time the children have the opportunity to participate in outdoor games e.g. basketball.

Gymnastics is now an integral part of the PE curriculum using the new gym equipment.

Pupils and staff have participated in the Pro-kick competition.



October 2019